est. 2000

Laurent is - first of all-, a Skateboarder since the early childhood.
Growing up with his mind full of dreams and projects, he became a professional carpenter. When he takes over the family carpentery in 2000 with his wife, it was time to express all this creativity and innovations kept too long inside.

LGS was born !

So many years later, he's still handmaking all of his products and every single one of it went through his hands.

We are a brand that decided to remain human; we choosed to be independant and focused. We strive to stick the closest possible to our clients, our partners and suppliers, our team and our convictions.

No more, no less - Creativity - Passion - Respect...

If you want to know more about us and if you have 30min for travelling, watch this (in french only):

Thank you,Laurent & Padu


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LGS Swiss Skateboard Company
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"Le ZOO fait du Waterslide"
by LGS