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 Mabasi.com - Mabasi Swiss Tool (mabasi lab)

A 100% Swiss Made Skateboard Tool; innovative, functional and most appreciated by all skaters !!! Also available in the LGS Board Shop. Don't have it yet ?


Mugaworkshop is a design studio located in La Chaux-de-fonds, where art, graphic design and screenprinting merge together to make really nice products - Available at LGS Board Shop


Straight from the (under) ground.


This is the place we (or the half part of us..) are born, this is the place we will die... probably... well... humm.... Vallée de Joux in the Swiss Jura. Contact them (or us) to get news about the Railpark L'Orient, where you can jib the rails at night. Only 50min from Geneva, 40min from Lausanne and 35min from Yverdon.


Beautiful and good skis!


If you travel to Guadeloupe, check this guy, he knows everything about long- and slalomboards. And, by the way, a nice person to know...


Association from and for Riders of Valllée de Joux; also manages Railpark at L'Orient


Wanna know what is trendy and funky to ride, wear or listen at? Wanna get some news about what is going on in the scene? Wanna let the world know about your event? Wanna publish your best pic ever taken in your life? Check their website! A platform proposing great stuff to ride, to wear, to see or listen at. Our products are also available on their website.


skatepark & Association
Skate Association of Lausanne who is not only proposing awesome activities but most of all a very nice Indoor Skatepark in the heart of Lausanne!!!


A very complete list of all Skateparks (Indoor & Outdoor) in Switzerland. Want to organize a Road Trip? check it out!


Amazing photos!


The team of the Empire Skate Building in Montreux.


Not for minors!


Another skater fellows that move a lot in our region and do a lot for skateboarding.


Very creative stuff!

"Ma plus belle Histoire"

Emission de ValTV
Avec Jean-Philippe Rapp

24 & 25 nov.
La Chasse aux Lutins
par les Commerçants du Brassus

Les nouvelles collections,
de la Bière LGS Binchies,
des Lutins cachés & des
Micro-Concerts par Kamilean

Viens !

3 & 4 nov.
Martigny / VS

Viens !